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Many parents may have never heard of pinworms. By understanding about these parasites, you may finally have a clue on what had happened to your ren.

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My Turn in Israel You’re invited to discover the very best of Israel on a signature 8-12 day experience designed for active adults of all ages and with guaranteed dates conveniently scheduled year-round.

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‘Drunk’ and ‘Irish’: what Ireland is searching for on porn sites ‘Mother’ is also a popular entry, according to figures from a porn search engine.

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One of my teen grandteens loves quirky pillows for her bed, and shes going to flip when she sees this one. Kitty has the silliest face, and that fat tail is …

Fidgeting is something that has a bit of a bad reputation, and while it is essentially harmless it nevertheless has several unwanted side effects that make it a problem and unpopular. First and foremost fidgeting makes you look nervous, or even in some cases rude. Second of all it puts other people

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Working up a crochet afghan has never been easier! This Lazy teen Crochet Blanket Pattern can be made in as little as 5 and a half hours because it’s worked with 2 strands. This easy crochet afghan pattern from Lion Brand Yarn is cozy and incredibly fast to make. If you need a last minute gift for

THE NUMBER OF teenage pregnancies has fallen by 64% in 15 years, new statistics have shown. The HSE said that new birth figures released by the CSO today show a decrease in the number of births to teenagers from 3,087 in 2001 to 1,098 in 2016. This equates to a decrease in the teen birth rate from

The official fan destination for all your favorite Power Rangers news, toys and exclusives.

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14-year-old man added to criminal database because of naked Snapchat photo The man sent a naked photo of himself to a teen the same age and she sent it to another teen …