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My first time at this restaurant was last weekend for the New Year’s Eve 5 course dinner. Proof you have ruined one thing. Now that I know what good food is suppose to taste like, nothing compares now.

This is the best phone that Apple has come out with this year and it pretty much sets the blueprint for the next few years.

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Moving old people out of care homes kills them – and I’ve got the proof. By Yvonne Hossack Updated: 04:09 EDT, 16 October 2009

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Out of prison at last, charismatic sociopath Neal tries to visit the baby son he’s never seen, his indifferent parents, and the grave of his – not in that order.

Adam Lanza, the man who killed 20 ren and six adults on Friday, may have had Asperger syndrome, along with a personality disorder, some news reports are saying. I’d been weeping as I Googled about what happened, but when I read that I felt a flare of concern: Why was autism playing into this

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Is there any conclusive proof of God? Is there clear proof or explicit evidence that God exists?

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Prove the impact of your team’s efforts with Proof’s cutting-edge data science and intuitive correlations.

Customers have been very impressed with the online viewing and ordering process and my orders have increased. Online Picture Proof editable website and online proofing makes me look highly professional and, dare I say it, global!!

A video of a raccoon getting inside of a raccoon-resistant green bin in less than 30 seconds is all the proof Toronto needs that this is a …