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In ice hockey, players use specialized equipment both to facilitate the play of the game and for protection as this is a sport where injuries are common, therefore, all players are encouraged to protect their bodies from bruises and severe fractures.

Adult Hockey Leagues – The Cyclones Arena, Hudson, NH

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Contact. Perani’s Hockey World 3600 S Dort Hwy. Flint, MI 48507 Toll free in US: 1(800) 888-GOAL International: 1(810) 743-4015

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The senior goalie also posted eight shutouts on the season, including two in the state tournament. —, “2017-18 mans’ Hockey All-Scholastics,” 6 May 2018

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The risk of high speed impacts in hockey is real and protecting your head is vital. But it doesn’t have to cost a lot with these clearance helmets.

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In many team sports which involve scoring goals, the goalkeeper (termed goaltender, netminder, goalie or keeper in some sports) is a designated player charged with directly preventing the opposing team from scoring by intercepting shots at goal.

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