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More active discriminatory policies began when the partition of Poland in the 18th century which resulted, for the first time in Russian history, in the possession of land with a large population of Jews.

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The Rule of Russian Empire in Lithuania (1795-1918) What initially started as a mere change of the ruler from a Polish-Lithuanian king to a Russian czar eventually led to a major russification drive.

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The Russian Empire (Russian: Российская Империя) or Russia was an empire that existed across Eurasia and North America from 1721, following the end of the Great Northern War, until the Republic was proclaimed by the Provisional Government that took power after the February Revolution of 1917.

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Empire definition, a group of nations or peoples ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful sovereign or government: usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom, as the former British Empire, French Empire, Russian Empire, Byzantine Empire, or Roman Empire.

The Byzantine Empire. The Roman-Byzantine Period. The Byzantine Empire was the predominantly Greek-speaking continuation of the Roman Empire during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

In 1993, Avotaynu published A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire by an unknown author, Alexander Beider. Beider, at that time, was a 29-year-old Russian expatriate living in Paris who had a doctoral degree in applied mathematics from the University of Moscow.

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A detailed account of the 1905 Russian Revolution that includes includes images, quotations and the main events of the subject. Key Stage 3. GCSE World History.

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I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.

Prof. Rock Brynner – Vladivostok and the Russian Far East

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Around 1905, Prokudin-Gorsky envisioned and formulated a plan to use the emerging technological advances that had been made in color photography to document the Russian Empire systematically.