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Military uniform supplies, name tapes, patches, tactical gear, camouflage clothing

Military women – military women in history from the revolutionary war to present day. information about combat issues, current women veterans issues, and extensive information about military women, past and present.

Each branch of the military has slightly different maximum age limits for those without prior enlistment, based on each service’s individual needs.

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The Army is transitioning to the OCP uniform in 2019, but the service still possesses a inventory of UCP products.

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These breastfeeding t-shirts were created with the active duty mother in mind. Whether you are in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Police Department, or other uniformed profession, you are sure to find the right nursing shirt for your uniform. With its ease, comfort, and privacy adding design, these shirts mak

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Welcome to the Old Grouch’s Military Surplus, your site for the best in military surplus, collectables, and other hard to find items. If you are a collector, reenactor, servicemember, or just want to ensure your family is prepared for an emergency, you have come to the right source.

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The Red Coat has evolved from being the British infantryman’s normally worn uniform to a garment retained only for ceremonial purposes. Its official adoption dates from February 1645, when the Parliament of England passed the New Model Army ordinance. The new English Army was formed of 22,000 men, divided into 12 foot regiments of 600 men …

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New Navy Uniform Will See Military Depart From ‘Blueberries’ Camouflage Clothing Next Month

Dress uniform (often referred to as full dress uniform, to distinguish it from mess dress, and from semi-formal uniforms, such as the British Army’s Service Dress), is the most formal military uniform, typically worn at ceremonies, official receptions, and other special occasions; with order insignias and full size medals.The dress uniform …

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