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2 More Stress. If you remember how relaxed you once felt after a romp between the sheets, you may not be surprised to learn that less sex makes way for more stress.

Dear Valued Clients, Thanks for Reading my profile My name is Mary Kay, 26 years old. I’m a professional masseur with over 7 years experience (3 …

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“I have never responded to anyone’s website before, but I thought this email was needed. Thank you for all the information on the hemroids website.

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The official website of the U.S. Air Force. AF.MIL delivers the latest breaking news and information on the U.S. Air Force including top stories, …

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Official recognition. The Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Law defines hibakusha as people who fall into one or more of the following categories: within a few kilometers of the hypocenters of the bombs; within 2 km of the hypocenters within two weeks of the bombings; exposed to radiation from fallout; or not yet born but carried by pregnant …

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Finding new homes for Cairn Terriers. The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund is a charity registered in the UK which rescues Cairn Terriers that have been abandoned, ill treated or neglected, or assists Cairns whose owners have become …

World Press Photo has been encouraging the highest standards in photojournalism since 1955. The resulting archive is not only a record of more than half a century of human history, but a showcase of successive styles in visual storytelling

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