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With the announcement of a new Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch came rampant speculation about which new characters would be added. Here are our picks.

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Meet’N’Fuck – Super Smash Bros: Sexual Melee – A New Fighter has Joined the Fray. Ashram Dent like the many other Fighters, has been thrown into a Battlefield for the amusement of the one who rules them all, Master Hand.

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Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 Watch players smash their way to the top. Join the party as players from around the world battle in this invitational tournament for bragging rights, for fun, and for glory on Nintendo Switch!

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Super Mario Bros. is a video game released for the Family Computer and Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.It shifted the gameplay away from its single-screen arcade predecessor, Mario Bros., and instead featured side-scrolling platformer levels.

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Get the official details on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, straight from Nintendo.

For the first NES platformer in the series, see Super Mario Bros. This is the centerpiece of Nintendo’s gaming empire: the biggest and most successful video …

Bayonetta (ベヨネッタ, Bayonetta) is a character and newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4, and is the seventh and final downloadable character.She was announced alongside Corrin during the Super Smash Bros. – Final Video Presentation on December 15th, 2015 and both were released on February 3rd, 2016.

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As the Super Smash Bros. series is a crossover of numerous existing Nintendo properties, some of the properties represented have since made references to the series in their “native” media.

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