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While there is never really a bad season to participate in Teen Bible Quizzing, the common perception is that a Gospel year is preferable. Especially to new quizzers, the Gospels seem easier to grasp as they tell a story.

Resources for tweens, teens, youth, and student ministry. Teen Sunday college curriculum, Student ministry resources, Small group ideas, Bible study materials, sermons, icebreakers, teach teens about jesus, creative ideas for youth ministry, Bible activities for teens and outreach.

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Many of you have heard the buzz I mentioned it in my blog once prior I talked about it on Facebook and now it’s official. It’s happening in California November 2nd and 3rd:

That’s right, these are stupid skits. The kind of things that you might do for just plain ol’ entertainment like during that dead time in your program at camp.

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Apologetics Research Resources on Christian doctrines, religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues

So, you want to start a youth ministry at your church (or perhaps you’ve been kindly asked by your minister)? That’s great! Youth ministry is important but …

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ATTENTION: How would you like to tap into a goldmine of youth ministry materials? Read on to find out how you can get immediate access to a wealth of resources that are continually growing.

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H.E.A.R.T. Ministry Bible studies have been designed as tools to help local churches, their members and others who desire to systematically study God’s Word. Some are verse-by-verse studies of a particular book, others are topical in nature.

Broyhill Home in Clyde. Broyhill Home is tucked away on 91 lush, hilly acres in Clyde. In 1971, with the financial encouragement of J.E. and Satie Broyhill and their family, Baptist ren’s Homes began a ministry to serve ren and families in the western …