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Why Do Gay People Lisp

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A leading researcher from the University of Minnesota in the US has claimed that mans confused about their gender pronounce the letter ‘S’ with a lisp.

You are laughable! Let me explain something to you. Number 1. You are IGNORANT!! 2. You are a LIAR! Why do I say those things?? Becuase, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is born with the innate sense to HATE anyone.

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There’s nothing new about calling somebody gay based on a lisp or a teenish gait. We all saw, did, or suffered it in grade college. What’s unusual is seeing grown-up gays and liberals do it in 2011 with such open ridicule.

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Jan 23, 2017 · In Times to Come, could Muhammad be a Greater Inspiration for White People than Jesus Christ? Could Muhammad be a greater inspiration for gentiles than Jesus Christ for the challenges faced by white people …

Seems you outsmarted God with those commandments, bro. So it’s probably also cool to maim people you don’t like as long as you don’t kill them, cause that didn’t make the cut for those commandments either…

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This existential-risk level of threat seems remote to me (in fact, ironically, it seems reminiscent of the “slippery slope” argument social conservatives are excoriated for using – “Oh come on, why do you say that permitting [insert pet political cause] will bring about the Downfall of Western Civilisation?

Going Beyond Gay Generalizations . Everyone has perceptions or preconceived ideas about what it means to be gay. Many people think they can tell if someone is gay by the way they look, dress, or behave.

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Nov 29, 2016 · I really didn’t know whether to believe that Tebow was gay. This almost completely convinces me. I thought he might actually be a virgin and just didn’t have the “player” skills to carry on like we expect pro athletes to do, thus any “teenfriend” was more about obscuring his lack of “game” (and being a virgin) rather than his sexuality.

Not unless you want help. Before the age of six, it’s relatively common for ren to lisp /s/ and /z/ sounds. But, for some adults, a lisp can be embarrassing, affecting their social activities and/or professional life.